The ballad of Henry and Claire. Erotic Story

Inspired by @geekpowered erotic post and contest I decided to show You my intimate creations. I hope You'll enjoy it as much as I do ;)

The darkness wrapped them like a blanket, as Henry inserted his phallus into Claire's mouth. He felt gentle, warm and moist touch of her tongue and delicate resistance of the palate as he pushed forward. With slow but firm moves he enforced the tempo of caress. He had the time. Distant sounds of chirping birds were hardly audible in his shelter. With escalating feeling of the climax, Henry sighed and pulled out. To reclaim his calm, he started stroking Claire's cheeks and eylids with his pecker. He continued for a minute or two. When he felt the time is right he put the penis back to Claire's mouth. Now he guided her with faster moves. The game of love got more passionate, more primal. Suddenly Henry knew that the time was right. He pulled Claire's hair and looked deeply in her eyes. Then, with glamorous smile, Henry whispered:

"Oh Claire. You would have given me a wonderful head, if only you had head to give."

After those words He put his dick into the hole of Claire's neck.

Then, the mother came in. Not Henry's mother of course.
It was a mother of three baby gorillas and a little panda. Using sign language, she thanked Henry politely for looking after her children and for putting out such a wonderful performance. With Claire's head still impaled on his penis, Henry bowed gallantly and withdrew, making smoersaults on the way. The children applaud and cheered with joy. The light came on.
It's not the jungle cave anymore. The room is a dark, dusted office with old desks and piles of yellowed papers stacked everywhere. Two office functionaries stood up from their desks. The woman and the man. It's time for their cigarette break. They are leaving the office and proceed to the nearby toilet, where they're allowed to smoke. When they get there, the woman breaks the silence.

"I think I love you." - She says to the man